Sam Smith - Stay With Me CHORDS

Sam Smith - Stay With Me CHORDS

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Stay With Me

Original Key

INTRO : AmF|C ( 2 Times )

GuesAms it's true, I'm not goodF at a one-night stanCd

ButAm I still need loveF 'cause I'm just a manC

TheseAm nights never seemF to go to planC

I dAmon't want you to leaveG, will you hold my Chand?

* Oh, won't youAm stay Fwith me?C

'Cause you'Amre all FI need C

This ain'tAm love, it's clearF to see C

But darlingAm, stay Fwith me C

WhyAm am I sFo emotionalC?

No, Amit's not a good lookF, gain some self-contCrol

AndAm deep down I knowF this never worksC

ButAm you can lay with meG so it doesn't hurtC

( Repeat * )


( 2 Times )

( Repeat * , * )

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