Key F
Original Key

YeEmaj7s, I do, I believe. That one day I will be

Where I was right there. Right next to yoAmaj7u.

And it's hard The days just seems so dark

The moon, the stars. Are nothing without you

Your touEmaj7ch, your skin.Where do I begin?

No words can explain. The way I'm missing yoAmaj7u

Deny this emptiness. This hole that I'm inside

These tears. They tell their own story

ToldF#m me not to cryA

Ehen you wereC#m gone      B

But the feelinF#mg's overwhelmAing,

It's much tooB strong

* Can I lEay by your sideC#m? Next to youF#m... youA...

And makeE sure you're alrighC#mt

I'll take care of yoF#mu. I donA't want to be here if

I cBan't be with you toni(E)ght

I'm reacEmaj7hing out to you. Can you hear myAmaj7 call?

This huEmaj7rt that I've been through

I'm missing you, missing you likAmaj7e crazy

( REPEAT * )


LayF#m me downA tonightD           B

LayF#m me by Ayour sideD           B

LayF#m me downA      toDnightB

LayF#m me by Ayour sideB

Can I lEay by your sideC#m?

Next to youF#m... YouA          B          E