Key F
Original Key

INTRO : Dm|Gm|Bb|A

HeDm left no time to regGmret

Kept his dickBb wet

With his same old safeA bet

MeDm and my headGm high

And my tearsBb dry

Get on without myA guy

YouDm went back to what youGm knew

So farBb removed

from all that we wentA through

And I tDmread a troublGmed track

My odds areBb stacked I'll go backA to black

* We Dmonly said goodbye with wordsGm

I died a hundred times

YouBb go back to her

And I gAo back to... (bac(Dm)k)

I go back to us DmI love you muchGm

It's not enoughBb

You love blow and I loveA puff

And lifeDm is like a pipeGm

And I'm a tiny penBbny

rolling up the walls insiAde

( REPEAT * , * )

BlackDm, blackBb  , blackF, blackA

BlackDm, blackBb  , blackF,

I gAo back to… I go back to…

( REPEAT * , * )