Amy Winehouse - Valery CHORDS

Amy Winehouse - Valery CHORDS

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Original Key

INTRO : Eb ( 4 Times )

* Well sometimEbes I go out by myself

And I look across the watFmer

And I thinkEb of all the things,

what you're doing

And in my head I paintFm a picture

** SinceG# I've come on home,

Well my bodGmy's been a mess

And I've missG#ed your ginger hair

And the wayGm you like to dress

Won'tG# you come on over

StopGm making a fool out of meBb

Why don't you come on over, Valerie?

INSTRU : Eb|Eb|Fm|Fm ( 2 Times )

Did you haveEb to go to jail,

Put your house on up for sale,

did you get a good lawFmyer?

I hope you didEbn't catch a tan,

I hope you find the right man

who'll fix it forFmya

Are you shopEbping anywhere,

Changed the color of your hair,

areFm you busy?

And did you haveEb to pay that fine

That you were dodging all the time,

are you still dizzyFm?

( REPEAT ** )

INSTRU : Eb|Eb|Fm|Fm ( 2 Times )

( REPEAT * , ** )

INSTRU : Eb|Eb|Fm|Fm ( 4 Times ) Ebmaj7

Chord Chart (Valery)