Key F
Original Key

Do you feelE the same when I'm away from you?

Do you knowA the line that I'd walk for you?

We could turnB around, or we could give it up

But we'll takeA what comes, take what comes

Oh, the stormE is raging against us now

If you're afraidA of falling, then don't look down

But we tookB the step, and we took the leap

And we'll takeA what comes, take what comes

* Feel the winC#md in your hair

Feel the rusBh way up here

** We're walking the wireE, love

We're walking the wireA, love

We're gonna be higherC#m, up

We're walking the wireB, wire, wire

There's nightEs we had that just walk away

And there's tearAs we'll cry, but those tears will fade

It's the pricBe we pay when it comes to love

And we'll takAe what comes, take what comes

( REPEAT * , ** )

*** So look out down belowE

Look out down belowA

Look out down belowC#m

Walking the wireB, wire, wire

So look out down below(E)

Oh, I'll takeE your hand when thunder roars

And I'll holdA you close, I'll stay the course

I promiBse you from up above

That we'll takeA what comes, take what comes, love

( REPEAT ** , *** )


 C#m |C#m |B|B|E