Key F
Original Key

INTRO : Cm ( 12 Times )

FishCm fell out of water

Bird stuck on the ground

Chaos giving orders

Everything is upside down

The whole world's on a fight path

Wonder where they'll go, oh

Trouble's on the outside, I know

NowCm, all I can think about is you

All I can think about is you

If all that I'm on Earth to do

Is SOLO and then what a lone poor shoe

I want to walk in a two


Eb|Bb|Am7 |G#|C|Gm|F

It's all I canC/E.

It's all I canEb It's all I canBb

It's all I canAm7..         G#

It's all I can do


When everEby thing is falling all arounBbd you

It's all I can do Am7         G#

CAll I can thinkGm about is youF         C/E

It's all I can Eb

All I can thinkBb about is youAm7

Love it the onlyG# thing left that's true