Katy Perry - Witness CHORDS

Katy Perry - Witness CHORDS

Original Key

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Original Key

INTRO : A|F#m |C#m

If I lost it all Atoday, would you stay?

Could my love be F#menough to stimulate?

If shit hit the fanC#m, grenades got thrown

Would you still show, oh?

Could you go down withA me to the mat?

Could we get back up F#mand eventually laugh?

Roll eyes at highC#ms, cheers in the lows,

and stay in the flow, woah

* 'Cause I, AI only got this lifeF#m

And I ain't got the timeC#m, no

Not to get it right, oh

** We're all just lookiAng for connection

Yeah, we all F#mwant to be seen

I'm looking for someoneC#m

Who speaks my language

Someone to ride this ride with me

*** Can I get a witnAess? (Witness)

Will you be my witnF#mess? (Witness)

I'm just looking for a witnC#mess in all of this

Looking for a witness to get me through this

When you tell me everyAthing,

And there's no holes

You can scroll through anytF#mhing,

You've got the codes

Nothing to hideC#m, it's all in their eyes

And we just know, wo-ow

( REPEAT * , ** , *** )


Will you be my witnessC#m?

Could you be the one that speaks for me?

(Will you be my witness?)

( REPEAT ** , *** )

INSTRU : A|F#m |C#m  ( 2 Times )

Chord Chart (Witness)