Key F
Original Key

HerA green plastic watering canF#m

For her fake Chinese rubEber plantD

In the fake plastAic earthD

ThatA she bought from a rubber manF#m

In a town full of rubberE plansD

To get rid Aof itself D

* It wears her outBm, it wears her outA

It wears her outBm, it wears (her outA)

SheA lives with a broken manF#m

A cracked polystyrEene manD

Who just crumbAles and burnsD

HeA used to do surgery F#m

For girls in the eigEhties D

But gravity alwAays winsD

( REPEAT * )

SheA looks like the real thingF#m

She tastes like the realE thingD

My fake plastAic loveD

ButA I can't help the feelingF#m

I could blow through the ceiEling D

If I justA turn and runD

( REPEAT * )

If I could be Bmwho you wanted

If I could be Awho you wanted all the time

All Bmthe time...      All Athe time...