Key F
Original Key

INTRO : Bb|Gm|Bb|Gm|Bb|Gm

Yes! It's so crazy right now!

Most incredibly, it's ya girl, Bee,

It's ya boy, young

* Uh Dmoh, uh oh, uh oh, oh no no

Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, oh no no

Uh Foh, uh oh, uh oh, oh no no

Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, oh no no


It's history in the making

Part two, it's so crazy right now

I loDmok and stare so deep in your eyes

I touch on you more and more every timeF

When you leave I'm begging you not to go

Call your name two or three times in a row

SuchF a funny thing for me to try to explain

How I'm feeling and my pride is the one to blameF

Cause I know I don't understand

Just how your love can do what no one else can

** GotBb me looking so crazy right now

Your loveGm's got me looking so crazy right now

GotBb me looking so crazy right now

Your touchGm got me looking so crazy right now

GotBb me hoping you'll page me right now

Your kissGm got me hoping you'll save me right now

LookBbing so crazy, your love's got me looking

Got me lookGming so crazy, your love

( REPEAT * )

WhenDm I talk to my friends so quietly

"Who he think he is?" look at what you did to me

TennFis shoes, don't even need to buy a new dress

If you ain't there ain't nobody else to impressF


It's the way that you know what I thought I knew

It's the beat that my heart skips when I'm with youF

But I still don't understand

Just how the love your doing no one else can

( REPEAT ** )

Check it, let's go

YounDmg Hov, y'all know when the flow is loco

Young B and the R-O-C, uh oh (Oh) F

O.G. Big Homie, the one and only (Oh no)

Stick bony, but the pockets is fat like

Tony FSoprano (oh no)

The ROC handle like Van Exel

I shake phonies man you can't get next to F

The genuine article, I do not sing though

I sling though, If anything I bling yo

A starBb like Ringo, war like a Green BeretGm

Crazy, bring ya whole set

Jay DmZ in the Range, crazy and deranged

They can't figure him out, they like,

"hey is he insane?" (Oh no)

YesF sir, I'm cut from a different cloth

My texture is the best fur: chinchilla F

I've been iller than chain smokers

How you think I got the name Hova?

I been realer, the game's over

Fall back Young,

Ever since I made the change over F

To platinum the game's been a wrap, one

GotBb me looking, so craGmzy, my baby

I'm notBb myself lately, I'm foolGmish, I don't do this

I've been playBbing myself, baby, I Gmdon't care

Cause your loveF's got the best of me

And baby you're making a fool of me

You got me sprungF and I don't care who sees

Cause baby you got me,

You got me, so crazy, baby HEY!

( REPEAT ** , ** , ** )