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I expect greatly that people who are interested in playing music and playing guitar will have a way to make practicing easier than before, no matter what your goals are. Starting well will help increase confidence and lead to success in the future as expected. As music industry professionals, we are committed to creating the best chord website to collect all styles of songs from both Thailand and around the world in one place for you to choose and play as desired. All songs are valuable and we continue to develop and update good songs for you to play.

Finally, we would like to thank all the artists who have created good works for everyone to play music in the style they love, and always believe that music will be with the world forever. As long as there is music on, we will continue to develop and present chord songs to everyone for sure.


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This website offers songs of all genres for you to choose from according to your preferences, no matter what style. You can come and view the chords to play with confidence and bring more enjoyment to your music playing. You can adjust the key of every song to match your vocal range. Whether the song has high or low notes, if you adjust it, your playing and singing will fit more than before, adding more fun to playing music. Our website is very user-friendly and you can search for songs you want instantly through the search box. All the songs you are interested in are already collected here. Don't miss out on having fun playing music with any of your convenient devices, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The system is smooth, the picture is clear, and you don't have to waste time zooming in or out to view the chords. We also update new songs, hit songs, or popular songs from the past, in every genre and style. Don't worry, we already have them all for you. Have fun playing the guitar and singing through our website. We also provide chord charts for beginners who are learning to play the guitar and want to know how each chord is arranged. Practice often and it won't be difficult. We are here to help everyone become a professional and skilled guitarist quickly. There is also a list of favorite song chord records for people who want to play those songs frequently, making it easier to practice.